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          Welcome to Xinguangzheng




          Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd, is a company specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling steel structures and undertaking various kinds of steel structural projects. Main products & projects of our group: steel structure materials, steel structure industrial and commercial building, container building, prefabricated house, bridge crane and machinery. We have possessed more than 80 sets of large precise and domestically advanced processing equipments, including large gantry planing machines, automatic submerged arc welding machines, assembling machines, slitters, shot blasting machines and so on. Various types of steel building materials produced by our company, such as color-coated steel tiles and sandwich panels, are widely used in different areas. Our products are not only sold all over the country, but also exported to Japan, UAE, Australia, Africa,South America ,Germany,France,Croatia,Norway and other countries and regions.


          The company values talents very highly and encourages them to play their initiatives and creativities fully. Now we have owned an excellent team with high-quality and high-performance.


          "Moral personality decides product quality" is our guarantee to the products. "Customers come first" is our everlasting pursuit. With its good reputation, first-class service and best quality, Xinguangzheng is dedicated to serve our customers both domestically and internationally.


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          Department Manager


          Email: simgozon@163.com


          Add:No. 268, Sancheng Road, Pingdu, Qingdao,China



          Xinguangzheng Projects

          Steel Workshop - Sanshandao

          Steel Workshop - Sanshan..

          Model:Steel Workshop - Sanshan..

          Modified Time:2015-09-08

          Light Steel Structure Villa

          Light Steel Structure Vi..

          Model:Light Steel Structure Vi..

          Modified Time:2014-03-03

          Steel Structure Aircraft Hangar

          Steel Structure Aircraft..

          Model:Steel Structure Aircraft..

          Modified Time:2013-03-06

          steel structrue workshop

          steel structrue workshop

          Model:steel structrue workshop

          Modified Time:2014-02-13

          Steel Structure Stadium by Customized in Aruba

          Steel Structure Stadium ..

          Model:Steel Structure Stadium ..

          Modified Time:2015-08-06

          Poultry House

          Poultry House

          Model:Poultry House

          Modified Time:2014-02-13

          Xinguangzheng Products

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